Built Bar Covid-19 Response

Here at Built Bar we are always striving to be the best. That includes how we have responded to COVID-19. We have dedicated significant time and resources to creating a production environment that is safe for employees and customers. We have a team of professionals dedicated to staying up-to-date with guidelines and best practices for food manufacturers. We quickly implement guidelines as they become available, and create our own improved measures where necessary. Some of these COVID-19 specific company measures include:

Public Response


BUILT BAR TO SUPPLY OVER 500,000 BARS TO FRONTLINE HEROES ACROSS THE COUNTRY: Premium Protein and Energy Bar Brand Donates $1 Million Worth of Bars for Coronavirus Relief Efforts

(AMERICAN FORK, UT.), April 28, 2020 -- Built Bar ‚ÄĒthe world‚Äôs best tasting, low calorie-high protein bar‚ÄĒlaunches a new initiative to support the frontline workers fighting today‚Äôs global COVID-19 pandemic.

The brand has donated over 500,000 bars to hospitals and organizations in dire need of support, providing healthy snack options to doctors, nurses, staff, and healthcare professionals whose relief efforts continue to ‚Äúflatten the curve.‚ÄĚ Renowned for its wide variety of flavors, the company endeavors to energize workers as they care for patients during long shifts.

Built Bar has placed the products directly in the hands of these heroes at various organizations, located in virus hotspots across the country, including New Jersey, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta and Salt Lake, including the Atlantic Health System , Holy Name Medical Center , Mercury One and more.

‚ÄúIn light of today‚Äôs global pandemic, we‚Äôve got to band together and support those on the frontlines however we possibly can,‚ÄĚ said the Founding Partners of Built Bar. ‚ÄúWe hope to provide quick, easy, and nutritious snack options for our healthcare workers. They‚Äôre keeping us safe; we‚Äôre going to make sure they‚Äôre not hungry!‚ÄĚ

For more information on Built Bar and their COVID-19 giveback initiatives, please visit www.builtbar.com or follow @imbuilt #imbuilt.

Production Facility Response


1. Employees with any symptoms of sickness i.e. fever, cough, shortness of breath, need to stay home from work.

2. Temperature checks are performed for employees entering the building. Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees will not be admitted to work.

3. Extreme caution needs to be observed with regards to personal hygiene. Thorough hand washing must take place before and after clock-in/clock-out, after all breaks, and as often as possible otherwise.

4. Sanitize commonly touched tools at the beginning and end of shifts. These items include but are not limited to tape guns, dry erase markers, scissors, pallet trucks, etc…

5. Facemasks will be provided for all employees.

6. Employees should do their best to maintain a distance of 6 ft between coworkers as often as possible. If your position requires you to regularly be within 6 ft of coworkers ensure that you are wearing a face mask and gloves.

7. Markings have been placed on the floors in order to help remind employees not to get within 6ft of other employees. Please use these markings as guidelines for how many people should be in one area at a time. If you see more people than you do markings, please move away from that area as soon as your work permits.

8. Quality Assurance employees will be assigned to monitor the 6ft rule and provide correction where necessary. Please listen to what they tell you.

9. What you do outside of work can affect your ability to work. Please avoid unnecessary gatherings where you could be exposed to individuals with COVID-19. If you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 or has symptoms of COVID-19 please report that to HR immediately.

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999 reviews
Salted caramel....

Sooo good. I can’t believe that these have no junk. These bars have helped me drop weight and curbs my cravings for sweets they are that good!

Best bars ever!

My husbands favourite flavour ūüėä so good they are like eating something you shouldn‚Äôt be. Very decadent without being overpowering and not at all gritty.

Yummy bars

This is the second time I've purchase the bars, and in no way, does it feel like I'm eating "something that is good for me".....said with tongue in cheek. They are so delicious, it's like having a treat, which is something I always seem to be looking for. Sometimes I have one for breakfast, but more often than not, I use it as my evening snack.

Sweet treat

Strawberry cream is so delicious! A real sweet treat; probably my favourite flavour so far!


I bought these for my daughter and she sent me a few. One of the best flavors I’ve had.